LOD for Unreal export

The Unreal Datasmith exporter now supports level of details (LOD) driven by CGA rule attributes. When your CGA rule supports LODs, such as in the Redlands Redevelopment example, you can now automatically export them to Unreal without additional steps. Using LODs in Unreal can significantly improve rendering speed as well as quality.

LOD (Level of detail) driven by CGA attributes




虚幻导出的 LOD

虚幻Datasmith出口现在支持CGA规则属性驱动的细节(LOD)的水平。当您的 CGA 规则支持 LOD 时,例如在 Redlands Redevelopment 示例中,您现在可以将它们自动导出到 Unreal,无需额外步骤。在 Unreal 中使用 LOD 可以显着提高渲染速度和质量。

由 CGA 属性驱动的 LOD(详细程度)