• s(xSize, ySize, zSize)


  1. xSizefloatSize of the new scope for x-dimension.
  2. ySize—floatSize of the new scope for y-dimension.
  3. zSize—floatSize of the new scope for z-dimension.


The s operation sets the size vector scope.s. The relative operator ‘ permits a convenient notation relative to the current shape’s scope size:

s(‘sx,0,0) is equivalent to s(sx*scope.sx, 0, 0)

Negative sizes result in mirroring along the corresponding axes; this means the normals are inverted.


Basic Usage

The initial shape with its scope highlighted.
Lot--> extrude(10)
Initial shape with highlighted scope
Here, all scope sizes are set to the absolute value 5.
Lot--> extrude(10) s(5,5,5)
Scope sizes set to 5
This example demonstrates the usage of the relative operator ‘. The s operation is equivalent to: s(0.5*scope.sx,scope.sy,1.5*scope.sz).
Lot--> extrude(10) s('0.5,'1,'1.5)
Usage of relative operator '

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