• trim()


The trim operation applies the current shape’s trim planes to the geometry of the current shape. Trim planes are generated by a component split and can be enabled and disabled by the trim attribute. Trimming is automatically performed when a primitive or an asset is inserted in the scope. Use the geometry.isInstanced function to check if an inserted asset was trimmed.


Manual trimming

A roof face is extruded and trimmed by both vertical and horizontal trim planes. The trim planes are generated by the component split. Setting trim.horizontal to true activates horizontal trimming.Roof--> roofHip(45) comp(f) { 1 : Face } Face--> s('2,'2,0.5) center(x) extrude(0.5) set(trim.horizontal, true) trim()Manual trimming

Automatic trimming

A cube is inserted in the scope of a roof face. The insert and primitive operations automatically trim the geometry. Horizontal trim planes are not enabled by default.Face--> s('2,'2,0.5) center(x) primitiveCube()Automatic trimming

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